Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My curse on corsi, noory, and their disinformationist pals

I heard that bullshit artist corsi once again giving credibility to the lies about Iran being attacked.  This tradition of yours of giving credibility to disinformationists like corsi, bill forstchen, that bullshit artist frak wuco who that dead ringer for a pedophile john b welles interviewed is disgusting and inflammatory.  In doing so you are distorting the truth, inciting the very violence you calim you want to stop, and rob others of the real work they have done by giving credibility to those who rip them off.
Since you are so obsessed with doom and gloom and ensuing violence I predict that you and your fellow disinformationists will suffer physically and emotionally as you are exposed for the frauds you are and that you and yours will end up on the ash heap of history as you wish to those you rip off.  That you will suffer and loose al you hold dear is my curse on you.


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