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Tensions between Iran and canada fester

This news regarding Iranian-canadian tensions as demonstrated by both countries severing diplomatic ties, while unwelcome, should come as no surprise, as Canada is part of the british commonwealth and ruled by the british crown, which have behaved in an openly offensive manner towards the Iranian community since Prince Ali-Reza’s murder.  While at present Canada does not have the means to launch an independent offensive against Iran, and if Canada were to participate in any hypothetical offensive it would suffer heavy casualties.  This does give Iran and the World’s militaries and economy’s cause to worry.
The canadian navy has better oceanographically trained officers than any other navy in the World, and as they are taught to familiarize themselves with the behaviors of different marine life, including whales, Iran’s submarine force should worry, for the Ghadir class SSK’s can mimic a whale, and along with unmanned drones this is a menace to Iran’s Navy.
Additionally Canada is acquiring 2 Karel Doorman class Joint Support Ships from the Dutch Navy, and plans to acquire Mistral class Amphibious Assault Ships from France.  This acquisition will negatively hurt the Dutch and French economies as the Iranian military will study the design of those ships for weaknesses, as it did with the s Spanish Juan Carlos I class Aircraft Carrier/Amphibious Assault Ships and 3 Alvaro de Bazan class Destroyers Spain sold to Australia, the most voiceferous caller for war against Iran.  It will also effect the Russian, Brazilian, and Indian Navies, as the Russians are acquiring 4 Mistral class Amphibious Assault Ships which they are providing with a heavier armament, the Brazilians have sealed a deal for Mistral class Amphibious Assault Ships for their Navy to replace their only Supercarrier the Sao Paulo, and the Indians are considering acquiring Mistral class Amphibious Assault Ships as well as Dokdo class Amphibious Assault Ships from South Korea.  If these deals go through with Canada The Netherlands and France will experience the same economic problems the Spanish experienced once their arms transaction was complete, and they along with the Russians, Brazilians, and Indians will be effected strategically.  Curiously enough the british have not shared their design expertise with Canada and Australia, and one wonders why.
Notice also the behavior of Iran’s Royal families as well as the Spanish Royal House during queen elizabeth’s diamond jubilee celebrations.  The absence of Shahbanou Farah and the Pahlavis, shows acknowledgement that the windsors had some hand in Princess Leila’s murder 11 years previously, the absence of Iran’s other Royal houses shows resentment at negative and backhanded dealings with the british since the reign of Fath Ali Shah.  The Spanish absence, while over the concerns of the health of Juan Carlos I and british occupation of Gibraltar, is a welcome act of solidarity, showing the World is getting fed up with british antics.

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2012-09-08 - 18:26

Iranian Speaker Calls off Visit to Canada
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani canceled his planned visit to Canada after Ottawa intensified its anti-Iran policies and recalled its diplomats from Tehran.
Larijani was scheduled to pay a visit to Canada in October in a bid to take part in a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

The latest reports in Iran say that Larijani has canceled his visit in reaction to the closure of the Canadian embassy in Tehran.

Five Canadian diplomats left Iran on Friday and closed the embassy in a sudden move, suspending ties with Tehran.

In Tehran, several politicians and MPs welcomed the severance of ties with Canada, saying that the relations should have been cut off much earlier.

Several members of the Iranian parliament welcomed the closure of the Canadian mission in Tehran, underlining that the bilateral relations with Ottawa didn't benefit the Iranian nation.
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