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Exposing Iran war prophecy huckster john hogue

Recently I called out john hogue on his prophecy’s about war with Iran, as much of his material mirrored my work.  His response referring to me as “another researcher” is not only insulting it shows he is afraid to acknowledge that while he has been researching Iran since 2006 I have had a major impact on my people’s affairs since 2000.  Below is what I received when I sent him a response

Returned mail: User unknown
Peter Khan Zendran
Tue, 30 Oct 2012 8:36 PM (1 day 15 hours ago)
The original message was received at 2012-10-30 17:33:48 -0700
from postoffice.(null) []

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... while talking to postoffice.(null).:
<<< 550 5.1.1 unknown or illegal alias:
550 <>... User unknown

In all probability this is a block, as hogue is afraid to be called out as the jerry corsi of prophecy he is.  Below is what he would have received

Re: Heard you sneak Iran in with the storm news--Hogue's response
Peter Khan Zendran
George Noory , ""
Tue, 30 Oct 2012 5:27 PM (1 day 18 hours ago)
There will ALWAYS be a need for paper books.
In case you hadn't noticed I've been around longer than you have.  Who's
family do you think helped Farah and reza settle into Greenwich?  Or
perhaps you never noticed my photos with the Sipah Salar insignia I was
given from Iran's defense Ministry in May 2005, let's see if you can
guess by who?
Also I doubt if you can describe the capabilities of the Ghadir SSK, the
weaknesses in the Arleigh Burke class DDG, why america's military has
become dependent on it's nato allies, etc.  You have been getting your
information by scouring the internet.  I have obtained my info from
firsthand sources, some of who are recieving this e-mail.  I bet you
don't even know who forouzandeh is, who ali khameni's relatives in the
Iranian military are, let alone how american personell are talkinig
about Iran the same way their british counterparts were talking about
Rusia in the 1800's.
Get out from your rock and do some real research for a change.
Peter Khan Zendran

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012, at 05:02 PM, john wrote:
> On Oct 30, 2012, at 1:02 PM, Peter Khan Zendran wrote:
> > I heard what John Hogue had to say about war with Iran last night at the
> > end of his talking about yesterday's storm.
> > I checked his site and noticed his book is in e-book form, but NOT in
> > print form.
> > I am wondering if this is done to prevent someone from going in to any
> > bookstore to check his sources. 
> No, Peter, it is done to lower the carbon footprint of the author and his
> readers. E-books are the future of books and I'm a futurist moving my
> work into the future.
> > I also have saved his e-mail
> > converationos with me from a year ago where he mentions checking my
> > sites. 
> I also document all of my correspondences.
> I read many sites, Peter. Moreover many URL creators read me. That's what
> Internet is, a free flow of information.
> > As you wil notice Hogue mentions the possibility of the Iranian
> > Navy taking out the US Navy, something I have written about and
> > described how it can be done.
> My sources on how this can be done come from studying Iranian military
> maneuvers, the statements of General Salami and others in the Iranian
> high command. It also comes from studying the long and documented
> evolution of weapons purchases of the Iranian armed forces, their
> capacities. In short, this information is available on public Internet
> sources and is not something unique to your web site. Indeed when I
> looked at your web site, it appeared that you have drawn from the same
> publicly available sources, plus news outlets, both Iranian, Arab,
> Israeli and US, that any researcher would have examined.
> How the Iranian navy might counterattack the US Fifth Fleet in the tight
> arena of the Persian Gulf is a subject of concern that even US Navy
> admirals have discussed publicly. These are sourced in my book. You might
> be the last Iran War researcher out there that doesn't understand that US
> military concerns are widely known and expressed over the last decade
> about putting a deep water navy into a little "pond" like the Persian
> Gulf. Such a strategy exposes US carriers well within the striking reach
> of Yakhont, Sizzler and other supersonic Iranian anti-ship missiles. That
> Iran is also planning to fire swarms of subsonic silkworm and exocet
> missiles  at the US Fifth Fleet is a threat well known. All of this is
> common knowledge, Peter. Do you really think you are the only researcher
> who has come across this information?
> One wonders where you have been all these years, if you think otherwise.
> > I am curious if Hogue has used any of my work in this book on Iran he
> > has written.
> Let me set you straight.
> No.
> Your conclusions are not unique to your thinking or what you have posted
> on your web site. Moreover, much of what I say in the Iran book update is
> unchanged from my research in 2006 when working on the first edition.
> That was five years before our mutually documented "conversations" by
> email.
> > Though I disagree with some of what he says some of his
> > material looks like it came from my work.
> I'm sorry to point this out to you Peter, but your conclusions are not
> that original. The Iranian defense plan has been well known and
> accessible to researchers years before "your work" was published online.
> Sometimes we think we have unique information when in fact we haven't
> looked too deeply and too far away from out own self-focus. Conclusions
> that we think are original have often been written about long before we
> presume a "unique" insight.
> I hope that clarifies things for you.
> John Hogue
> > Peter Khan Zendran
> >
> > --
> > - One of many happy users:
> >
"History will burden those leaders with blood guilt if they do not act according to their professional and statesmanely principles and knowledge. Their soldierly loyalty must end at the boundary where their knowledge, conscience, and sense of responsibility forbid the execution of an order. In case their advice and warnings fall on deaf ears in such circumstances, then they have the right and the duty, before the people and history, to resign their offices. If they all act together, then it will be impossible to carry out military action. They will thereby saved the Fatherland from the worst, from total ruin. If a soldier in a position of highest authority in such times see his duties and tasks only within the limits of his military responsibilities, without consciousness of his higher responsibility to the whole people, then he shows a lack of greatness, a lack of comprehension of responsibility. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary actions!"
Generaloberst Ludwig Beck


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