Monday, January 06, 2014

Two traitors to Iran

Here is an excellent example of two Iranian traitors. The author mehrangiz kar is a follower of the mujhadeen-e-khlaq, despite her connections to reza pahlavi who I called out as a provacetur at MIT, and shahriar mandanipour another pawn of elitists who want to invade Iran and who defames Iran with his words, and who I now regret helping get established when we were at the watson institute.
Notice these events which they appeared at. Here is one they did in 2011
Here is one they did in 2013
Each time these events were held I was imprisoned, the 2001 one for occupy providence, the 2013 one for my smashing up providence city hall. Since my release kar and mandanipour are no loner at brown. If you want to give kar a piece of your mind you can see her at 2 Peabody Terrace Cambridge, MA, hopefully mandanipour is in hell, if not I'll be happy to send him there personally. You can even see him in the pictures of me premiering Iran; The Lion of War at the watson institute on this page.


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