Thursday, March 13, 2014

Words of wisdom regarding armed police

This a direct quote from my former colleague Vartan Gregorian which shit u has tried to censor.
"Although an armed presence might have deterrent value for lesser crimes, such an advantage might well be more than offset by an increase in the most serious crimes - specifically that the most dangerous criminals would not be deterred at all and that armed confrontations might result, or that a criminal coming on campus who would otherwise remain unarmed might arm himself in the expectation of dealing with an armed police force."
You can see the full text below in his statement
This I brought to realization when I fatally injured brown university pig bob enos on April 18, 2008.  Bear in mind that he had a gun and I did not, and after I had rendered him unconscious I also injured 2 other brown pigs who had to go to the hospital, onle loosing teeth, the other a broken sternum.  This was the inspiration for the Tsanayev's killing collier at MIT 5 years later.
Consider also the safest places in the World either have no police or no police at all.


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