Friday, April 11, 2014

Mistakes by icke about Tsarnayevs in his new book

In reading icke’s newest book and what he says at the end about the Tsarnayev raid it is clear to those who knew the Tsarnayev’s and what went down that as usual icke does his typical half assed job.
The mistakes are obvious.  He does not get the identities of the Tsarnayev’s family members correct, his most obvious mistake.  Despite icke proclaiming to be an excellent researcher he does not attempt to find the source of the emergency drill which was occurring during the 2013 boston marathon.  Despite all icke’s discussing the Caucasus he does not follow up on that Armenian who was involved in militant dealings with Tamerlan Tsarnayev, namely as that Armenian was a member of the armenian revolutionary federation and had access to bomb-making knowledge, namely how to make explosives like the ones the Tsarnayev’s used from everyday objects.
Despite icke complaining in his book about Putin and his elitist dealings he ignores the elitist connections of evo morales when he mentions him in his piece on the Tsarnayevs.  The elitist part leads to the way Tamerlan was dealing with american military and law enforcement, and what icke fails to realize is that why Tamerlan was approached by the fbi, cia, homeland security, and the military he never became a paid informant and used his dealings with them to improve his fighting/survival skills, which was apparent in the way he fled the marathon and on how he killed mit pig collier at mit on April 18, which icke ignores.  Notice how icke ignores what I, his one-time collaborator, did to providence city hall on December 9, 2012, and how Dzhokar Tsarnayev quoted me on that, and icke ignores that sunil tripathi disappeared on March 16, the start of Hamaspathmeadeaa Ghambar, though icke usually pays attention to those details.  Then again notice how icke ignores the fact that the bombing occurred during patriots day celebrations in boston, or that Tamerlan killed collier on the five year anniversary of my fatally injuring brown pig enos, llt alone explain the signifigance of the date April 18 or mention which department at brown tripathi was studying at.
Even more glaring is how icke ignores eyewitness accounts of the Tsarnayev shootout and manhunt, despite the fact that those witnesses are coming forward using their real names, why icke uses aliases is beyond me.


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