Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is the fix in in prov mayor/ri governor races?

Interestingly the providence urinal is referring to Buddy Cianci the same way they were referring to Frank Caprio during the primary, emphasizing his lead and name recognition while focusing on undecided voters who could help his main opponent, elorza.  Like the spick statistic who is currently providence mayor his assets are hiding behind his latino heritage and having thugs who call themselves progressives to fool voters, like peeny-boy ahlquist and the occupy fucks.
In the governors race catmeat fung has turned out to be a liar in terms of removing pigs from the cranston pd who have made trouble for CALEA, while little gina has allowed her friends Al Ruzzo and the Spardellos to go under.
Looks like no matter who wins the winner gets a shit job in either race.


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