Monday, September 28, 2015

Roundup on RI police brutality/corruption

Here is where providence pig chief clements lives at 105 partridge run in east greenwch, far away from the city who's pig force he commands.

 At least esserman had the decency to live in providence, however clements has turned out to be worse than his predecessor, even lying to have doctors give me the drugs they did in May 2014 which they were not supposed to. A prime example of police corruption the World does not need.

Here is where aci intake warden kettle lives, on RI Route 138 between RI Route 2 and west kingstown park.

 As a result of policies he implemented inmates are tortured physically, have charges invented against them to keep them imprisoned longer, have their personal property stolen. Additionally, he crank calls the police whenever he so much as sees an inmate he recognizes. Another corrupt pig who needs to go.


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