Sunday, June 19, 2016

Zendran criminalized in old neighborhood for self defense

This past friday afternoon after finishing my beach workout in westerly, someone hit me from behind with a dvd case when I was on a library computer. When I pushed that person away from me we were both asked to leave.
Minutes after I left and was about to enter an art gallery I was swarmed by 5 westerly pigs. I explained that I acted derfensively, mainly because of recent health issues, they said they needed to bring me to the station to sort the issue out and decide what charges would be brought.
Once there they noticed that I had trouble walking and speaking, as my earlier beach excercise had aggravated leg injuries nad dehydration issues I had, and as they were able to confirm from my doctors and the emt's that they had treated me for those issues I was placed in a medical observation cell. When taking an inventory of my property they noticed damage to my cell phone, and when checkinig it noticed the numerous calls I recieved from the providence pd in regards to the theft/vandalism issues related to my storage unit.
After being kept in observation overnight, not being allowed to pray or make a phone call but having emt's on standby because of my dehydrated state, they notified me that I was facing a disorderly conduct charge, however because of my health and recent assistance to law enforcement my probation would not be violated, and I was released and westerly pd gave me a ride to my friends place near tribal land.
I have fought off attackers before in self defense, and my family has maintained a presence in the region since Peter I first bought property in Shelter Harbor in 1965, however recently some in westerly have taken issue with my
1. Calling out the #-dstrong movement as a fraud
2. Calling out the chamber of commerce for raising money for violent criminals and for backing ugly lymie royce's scam develpment projects
3. Exposing washington trust and lenihan law as liars in my recent suit when they were caught lying about the existence of my trust
4. Demonstating that planned shore line east-mbta expansion will result in uncontrollable crime in the region.
I will continue to fight this, and if one wants support they can check here, and they can show it by refusing to do b usiness with the town of westerly or greater westerly/ocean chamber of commerce associated business.


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