Friday, July 15, 2016

Update on court situation

Once I appeared I learned that under a new law my probation violation was reinstated, and the prosecutor requested that the terms of my current probation be increased. The judge noted that what I was accused of was non-violent and that nobody had been hurt, as in previous charges, and that I was recently being treated for a serious physical ailment, prolonged dehydration, and that the recent skyrocket in charges after the January 2015 court order by hastings for treatment based on lies and for something I did not have, and the judge released me on recognizance. I am to return for a status conference on wednesday.
The judge and prosecutor also noted that I had been complaining about the troublemakers at the westerly library for years, and that I gave oral testimony and will give written testimony for the state of Connecticut regarding my successful treatment by L and M doctors and the medical fuckups I have experienced and continue to experience in rhode island.


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