Monday, June 26, 2017

On Iran betrayed and menaced by reza pahlavi

The most telling thing about this clandestine meeting between reza pahlavi, rex tillerson, and john mccain is that while reza pahlavi and his colleagues in bahrain are eager to trumpet this meeting, and in the former's case he only mentions this on social media, mccain and tillerson's state department are not, demonstrating that they know they are planning to harm the Iranian community
Whenever someone states they want democracy it is a code to invite a foreign invasion, and this has occurred every time in Iranian history whenever the demand for democracy was met, as the anglo-russian partition during the Qajar era, stalinist incursions into Iran in support of their tudeh puppets, and the guadeloupe backing of khomeinei demonstrated.  It should be clearly noted that honky pig mccain has repeatedly called for Iran to be bombed, and tillerson wants to exploit Iran's Oil resources for his own personal profit.
Most disturbing is the fact that reza pahlavi is acting in lockstep with rajavi's pmo/mek/ncr islamic fundamentalists who practice a form of islam more radical than that practiced by jomhori mollah.  Those people reza pahlavi claims will bring change to Iran will only cause an instability which will leave Iran paralyzed for an invasion and destroy those capable of removing jomhori mollah while maintaining the integrity of Iran.  Apparently reza pahlavi ignores this and this action demonstrates he and his associates must be eliminated if Iran is to be strong and free.


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