Thursday, November 16, 2017

On major Iran factor in Zimbabwe coup

At present members of the Zimbabwe defense forces have staged a coup and placed Robert Mugabe under house arrest, however the actions by these soldiers have caused massive confusion and it is not clear who is fighting who in Zimbabwe, particularly as the website for the Zimbabwe Defense Forces and most communications are down.
​What few realize is that Mugabe's personal security detail are Iranian trained, specifically by an Iranian officer I trained Mohsen Assadi
Notice his comment made to my private facebook page thanking me for my service to Iran.
Assadi was in charge of security for the Iranian embassy in Harare during the Ahmadinejad administration and thanks to my training him his proficiency impressed Mugabe, who had him train his own security forces.
These Iranian trained members of Mugabe's security are pivotal factors in the current crisis in Zimbabwe, and any loss for them are losses for Iran.


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