Thursday, April 12, 2018

On crooked rhode island attorney general

When I returned to rhode island to take care of personal business I was informed that a phony missing person report, similar to the one done on me in 2014 when I moved to watertown and which the providence pigs used to hold me in May 2014, had been done on me.  I found this to be true when homeland security agents had to intervene from having the providence pigs detain me and pull a repeat of May 2014, and wherever I would go in the providence area the local pigs would be following me.  This demonstrates how rhode island has gone to extreme lengths to criminalize me, for only there has this extreme behavior from punks with badges to me occurred.  It has occurred with extreme frequency since pete kilmartin of 598 armistice blvd pawtucket became rhode island attorney general
Not only has this pint size donut fucker helped criminalize me because of my religious background his policies have criminalized others, overcrowding jails, making hospitals ersatzes for jails, and putting bulls eyes on cops.  A perfect example of the rot in rhode island that has to go.


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