Saturday, March 17, 2007

PRESS RELEASE; New Book, Iran; The Lion of War

Press Release; Iran ; The Lion of WarPeter Khan Zendran’s newest book “ Iran ; The Lion of War” is the firstbook to chronicle and analyze Iran ’s military history in it’s entiretyfrom Kurush up until 1978, just before the Iranian revolution. As wellas focusing the well known parts of Iran’s military history this bookfocuses on lesser known and equally significant parts of Iran’s militaryhistory which most people are unfamiliar with and which are relevant tounderstanding Iran. In this day and age, with Iran facing a potentialthreat of war with America and conflict in the Middle East region, athorough understanding of Iran ’s military history is essential. Herefor the first time one can learn why Iran has been a major militarypower and how it has influenced world events, as why Iran has sufferedsome of the worst defeats in world history, and how this past influencesIran ’s present. Among the items discussed in this book, some of whichmany people are unaware of is;How Hakhamanish Iran under Kurush, Kambujiya, and Daryush made Iran intothe world’s first military superpower.The real roots of the conflict with the Greeks that lasted for fivedecades during the fifth century BCE, and the real cause of Iran ’slosses at Marathon , Salamis , and Plataea .The real reason for the success of Alexander against Iran under DaryushIII, specifically the luck of Alexander since his father’s forces weredefeated by Iran .How the Parni of northern Iran managed to restore Iran to worldprominence by defeating the remnants of Alexander’s Asiatic empire andhow it inflicted humiliating defeats on Rome that prevented Rome fromexpanding eastward.How Roman attempts to change Iran ’s ruling Parthian dynasty caused Iranto rebuild itself under the Sassanians into a superpower that woulddestroy Rome .How the Islamic invasion really affected Iran and the real reason forIran being able to absorb Islam into it’s culture.How Iran regained control of it’s territory from the Islamic invaders.How the Turani incursions into Iran during the 11th century affectedIran and destabilized Iran at an important point in it’s history.How Hasan I Sabbah’s sect used assassination and terror tactics in thename of Ismaili Islam to influence affairs in Iran and in surroundingterritories and in doing so created the method known today as terrorism.How the Mongol invasion of Iran affected Iran , for better and worse.How the Safavids restored Iran as a great power in the eyes of the worldand once again influenced world events.How, despite numerous difficulties Iran experienced during the 18thcentury, Iran not only managed to maintain it’s independence but underthe leadership of Nadir Shah and Karim Khan Zand continue to influenceworld affairs.How Iran , under the Qajar dynasty, fell to the depredations of foreignpowers, despite attempts at reform.How Iran under the Pahlavi dynasty managed to restore Iran as a power inworld affairs and built the foundations for Iran ’s military as it istoday.In addition many interesting facts about Iran which most people areunaware here are revealed and discussed. This includes;How Hakhamanish Iran not only was the first country to practicereligious and ethnic tolerance but in doing so used this practice tobuild it’s empire.How Iran was the first country to use women in command roles in Navalwarfare.That the murder of Alexander and one of his commanders by hisHakhamanish wife were the first recorded deaths of Strychnine poisoning.That Parthian Iran not only defeated Roman armies that tried to conquerIran but were responsible for bringing Augustus and Vespasian to powerin Rome .How Iran was the first country to use biological warfare in combatduring the second century.That Sassanian Iran not only inflicted humiliating defeats on Rome ,partly in revenge for their interference with Iran ’s Parthian dynasty,but even killed, captured and enslaved Roman rulers. That Iran adopted Shia Islam only because the Shia sect were descendantsof Iran ’s Sassanian dynasty.That Hasan I Sabbah would use Islam and Hashish to motivate hisfollowers to commit acts of murder and terror, creating the world’sfirst terrorist network.How Iran , under Mongol rulers including Hulegu and Timur, managed toremain the center of a formidable military power which affected eventsaround the world, including in Islam and Eastern Europe .That Iran under Uzun Hasan both helped restore Iran to internationalprominence by involving Iran in wars against the Ottomans, allied withthe nations in the crusade of Pius II, which bought enough time forartists and scholars to flee the Ottomans to Europe and spark therenaissance, and by preventing invasions of Iran and laying thefoundations of the Safavid dynasty.That Safavid Iran not only defeated the Ottomans, Uzbeks, and Moguls butalso the Spanish, and created Iran ’s first firearms factory andestablished the modern system of officer ranks in use by militariestoday.How the Afghan Nadir Shah not only restored Iran as a military power bydefeating the Russians, Ottomans, and Arabs, but brought about the fallof the Moguls and the creation of Afghanistan .How Karim Khan Zand not only held Iran together after nadir Shah’smurder but also inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Ottomans, Arabsand British at the same time the American colonies were preparing torebel.How a eunuch, Aga Mohammed Khan, founded a dynasty in Iran , the Qajars.How the Qajars lost most of Central Asia and the Caucasus to theRussians, and were forced to give up Mesopotamia , much of today’s Iraq, by the British in 1857.How Iran almost regained Mesopotamia in 1903 through a popular uprisingin that region.How both the Russians and British manipulated dissident groups in Iranto force on Iran it’s Constitution and it’s first parliament, theMajlis.That Reza Khan used victories against the Russians and British backedfaction groups to consolidate his power base and have himself electedShahanshah.As well as the truth behind Iran during the reign of Mohammed Reza Shahand how during his reign Iran built the modern military it has today andinfluenced World events. People forget that the F-15 and it’s successorfighter jets, Chieftain and it’s successor tanks, an the Kidd and it’ssuccessor Destroyers and surface warships. Even included is the 1976UFO dogfight over Tehran . These and many other interesting, littleknown, fun, and important facts are included here. Whether you are justlearning about Iran ’s military or a soldier or scholar this book isyour one stop for all the facts on Iran ’s military history up until1978.This book is Part 1 of a three part series “Lions vs. Eagles, TheMilitary Face-off Between Iran and America ” and is available at $35.00directly from the author. Orders are being accepted now, and the authorcan be e-mailed at for foreign and bulkorders or for more information about this book. Payments at this timecan be mailed to the author atPeter Khan Zendran 780 Reservoir Ave. # 181Cranston , RI 02910Or you can view more info about the book and Peter Khan Zendran at hiswebsite at


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