Monday, March 05, 2007

Zendran Trial, Major news

Recently some major developments have occured in my legal situation.Just a few days ago I recieved mail from the Supreme Court. On February 20, 2007 they denied my Appeal for a Rehearing. That means that the case I have pursued in federal court against the providence pigs since October 21, 2004 is over, due to legal technacalities, as all Appeals have been exhausted. Those who have assisted me in this I wish to thank and assist in any way whatsoever. The good results that have come out of this is that one pig comitted suicide, three more lost their jobs, and people now have another source to show them the corruption in providence's and ri's legal system. The main reasons for the loss is lack of public support, and those who deprived me of the mass support needed to sustain a case like this have my eternal enemity.Shortly after i recieved a notice from ri superior court. They want to schedule my trial on the bogus disorderly conduct charge from Otober 2006 in March. As I have learned that I may have been previously charged for that offence twice I have contacted the scheduling office to push the date back to April 23, instead of the initial Mrch 12. Right now I am waiting final confirmation on that date.
Peter Zendran


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