Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Check out my response to bigot george noory

Send this around to show people what a bigot george noory really is.
Peter Khan Zendran

Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 2:27 PM From: "Peter Khan Zendran" <peterkhanzendran@fastmail.fm> To: "George Noory" <george@coasttocoastam.com> Cc: kuriltai@lists.riseup.net

I am defending the land where half my family comes from and a regiemethat is willing to work with people to address human rights issues,unlike here in america, YOU LYING BIGOTED PIECE OF SHIT.If you continue to make bigoted and untruthful statements like those onyour show last night YOU WILL HEAR FROM ME YOU RETARD and I will haveyour show boycotted.FYI I have also bcc'd this to President Ahmadinejad and to otherindividuals, including President Ahmadinejad, Jim Walsh, and a colleagueof Lt. Hoagland, and I am sending this all over the internet to showpeople THE BIGOT YOU REALLY ARE.Peter Khan Zendran

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 13:17:30 -0500, "George Noory"<george@coasttocoastam.com> said:> I don't own a home in LA moron.............you support a regime that> hangs> people just because they are gay!!!!!stop emailing us> > -----Original Message-----> From: Peter Khan Zendran [mailto:peterkhanzendran@fastmail.fm] > Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 1:11 PM> To: George Noory> Cc: kuriltai@lists.riseup.net> Subject: RE: Your bigoted statements about Iran on your last show> > If anyone needs a reality check it is YOU.> You spend more time in your cave in st. louis and in your overpriced los> angeles home and studio instead of going out among people and seeing how> life really is. > For your information I have worked with diplomats and government> officals from various positions, people in business, college professors> and faculty, artists, authors, activists, and people from EVERY walk of> life in regards to Iranian affairs. > YOU have associated with disinformationsts like corsi, beck, farah and> others who spread nothing but lies. I can even point out where in> corsi's "atomic Iran" he quoted directly from an article I had published> on David Icke's site in June 2003.> Don't talk to me about getting a reality check, for I deal with the real> world in more constructive ways than you do as judged by your nonsense> on you show and in that printed toilet paper called your book, and you> won't know what reality is until you get roughed up by some pig like> that kid who was stopped in St louis and sent that video all over the> net.> Peter Khan Zendran > > > > On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 12:54:51 -0500, "George Noory"> <george@coasttocoastam.com> said:> > You need a reality check> > > > -----Original Message-----> > From: Peter Khan Zendran [mailto:peterkhanzendran@fastmail.fm] > > Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 11:51 AM> > To: george@coasttocoastam.com> > Cc: kuriltai@lists.riseup.net> > Subject: Your bigoted statements about Iran on your last show> > > > I heard the first hour of your last show where you had the stupidity to> > criticize Iran 's President for his statements about 9/11 and the> > holocaust and make the false assumption that America is free while Iran> > is not. Having dealt with Ahmadinejad and america 's government> > firsthand I can say with strong assurance that your statements last> > night are the usual ignorant propaganda you have spewed about Iran .> > That you can criticize Ahmadinejad for statements which have been made> > by people like David Icke, Jim Marrs, both of whom you have had on your> > show, and David Irving and Ernest Jundel, all of whom you have praised,> > is nothing short of goebbelish hypocrisy. Ahmadinejad's statements> > about the holocaust and 9/11 show that people around the world are> > awakening to the crooked machinations of america's government and> > Zionist myths which have plagued humanity and are taking action on them,> > which is far more than you have been willing to do on the matter.> > Regarding freedom in America consider this. Many authors, media> > personalities, and activists like myself have been censored because we> > speak out. Furthermore, incidents like the one in Florida last week> > where that student was tasered and bogusly charged by campus pigs for> > asking john kerry about the 2004 election and his skull and bones> > connections, along with the mass incidents of police brutality and> > misconduct that have occurred across America this month, shows that we> > are living in a dystopia worse than nazi Germany. Instead of> > encouraging constructive action against these oppressors who censor and> > commit these acts of brutality you praise these people like a> > goebbelsish clone. At least in Iran a person can present a case> > constructively to a political leader like Ahmadinejad and have> > constructive action taken on it. If you check my blog you will see that> > not only has Ahmadinejad sent me support in a case where I'm fighting> > bogus charges but used my case, and others like the harassment alex> > jones received for speaking at ground zero, as material in his letter to> > bush in 2006, which is more than other Iranian Presidents have done to> > establish a dialogue. My dealings with Ahmadinejad also helped spark> > Iranian UN Ambassador Zarif's recall in 2007 after he did a telecast> > appearance at boston university where Iranians were subject to> > harassment by the university faculty at that event. Furthermore,> > americans have greater travel freedoms in Iran than Iranians in america,> > so who is the oppressor?> > Having seen some improvements in your show I expected better. Instead> > you showed you are nothing more than a hajji baba racist propagandist. > > The fact that you have plagarists, propagandists, and bigots like jerome> > corsi and glenn beck on proves this, and you disgrace your Middle> > Eastern heritage by your behavior by keeping people ignorant like that> > uncle tom who called in about Iran. Clean up your act and stop> > disinforming people with your bigotry.> > Peter Khan Zendran> > http://www.peterkhanzendran.com> > http://peterkhanzendran.blogspot.com> > http://www.myspace.com/peterkhanzendran> > > > -- > > http://www.fastmail.fm - A fast, anti-spam email service.> > > > > http://www.peterkhanzendran.com> http://peterkhanzendran.blogspot.com> http://www.myspace.com/peterkhanzendran> > -- > http://www.fastmail.fm - Choose from over 50 domains or use your own> > http://www.peterkhanzendran.comhttp://peterkhanzendran.blogspot.comhttp://www.myspace.com/peterkhanzendran
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are the intolerant bigot.
You are terrorist scum.

6:03 AM  
Blogger iLiveFree OrDieTrying said...

thank you, i've noticed George Noory as a racist & Israel apologizer since he replaced Art Bell.

George Noory, Alex Jones, George Knapp were the original members of the Tea Party, Neo-Cons, that want to return America back to Pre-Civil Rights days.

I tuned them out a long time ago.

2:49 PM  
Blogger iLiveFree OrDieTrying said...

oh yea.. incase people think im making it up:


also, there are tons of hard data available.. just Google.

2:50 PM  

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