Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sent to bigot george noory today

Tue, 25 Sep 2007 12:50 PM
"Peter Khan Zendran"
Your bigoted statements about Iran on your last show
I heard the first hour of your last show where you had the stupidity tocriticize Iran ’s President for his statements about 9/11 and theholocaust and make the false assumption that America is free while Iranis not. Having dealt with Ahmadinejad and america ’s governmentfirsthand I can say with strong assurance that your statements lastnight are the usual ignorant propaganda you have spewed about Iran .That you can criticize Ahmadinejad for statements which have been madeby people like David Icke, Jim Marrs, both of whom you have had on yourshow, and David Irving and Ernest Jundel, all of whom you have praised,is nothing short of goebbelish hypocrisy. Ahmadinejad’s statementsabout the holocaust and 9/11 show that people around the world areawakening to the crooked machinations of america’s government andZionist myths which have plagued humanity and are taking action on them,which is far more than you have been willing to do on the matter.Regarding freedom in America consider this. Many authors, mediapersonalities, and activists like myself have been censored because wespeak out. Furthermore, incidents like the one in Florida last weekwhere that student was tasered and bogusly charged by campus pigs forasking john kerry about the 2004 election and his skull and bonesconnections, along with the mass incidents of police brutality andmisconduct that have occurred across America this month, shows that weare living in a dystopia worse than nazi Germany. Instead ofencouraging constructive action against these oppressors who censor andcommit these acts of brutality you praise these people like agoebbelsish clone. At least in Iran a person can present a caseconstructively to a political leader like Ahmadinejad and haveconstructive action taken on it. If you check my blog you will see thatnot only has Ahmadinejad sent me support in a case where I’m fightingbogus charges but used my case, and others like the harassment alexjones received for speaking at ground zero, as material in his letter tobush in 2006, which is more than other Iranian Presidents have done toestablish a dialogue. My dealings with Ahmadinejad also helped sparkIranian UN Ambassador Zarif’s recall in 2007 after he did a telecastappearance at boston university where Iranians were subject toharassment by the university faculty at that event. Furthermore,americans have greater travel freedoms in Iran than Iranians in america,so who is the oppressor?Having seen some improvements in your show I expected better. Insteadyou showed you are nothing more than a hajji baba racist propagandist. The fact that you have plagarists, propagandists, and bigots like jeromecorsi and glenn beck on proves this, and you disgrace your MiddleEastern heritage by your behavior by keeping people ignorant like thatuncle tom who called in about Iran. Clean up your act and stopdisinforming people with your bigotry.
Peter Khan Zendran
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