Saturday, May 10, 2008

Words to live by as I do

I finally found this online. In these times these are words I live by
and I have added them to my e-mail signature.
Peter Z

"History will burden those leaders with blood guilt if they do not act
according to their professional and statesmanely principles and
knowledge. Their soldierly loyalty must end at the boundary where their
knowledge, conscience, and sense of responsibility forbid the execution
of an order. In case their advice and warnings fall on deaf ears in such
circumstances, then they have the right and the duty, before the people
and history, to resign their offices. If they all act together, then it
will be impossible to carry out military action. They will thereby saved
the Fatherland from the worst, from total ruin. If a soldier in a
position of highest authority in such times see his duties and tasks
only within the limits of his military responsibilities, without
consciousness of his higher responsibility to the whole people, then he
shows a lack of greatness, a lack of comprehension of responsibility.
Extraordinary times demand extraordinary actions!"
Generaloberst Ludwig Beck


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