Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update on Bandar Abbas Navy base situation on wikimapia

Once again the freaks who run wikimedia are at it again.
Earlier today after I broke this news they put up their false info about Bandar Abbas and Iran's military equipment. Check the link below.
The mistakes include misidentifying the 4 SSK's, which are clearly 2 Ghadir class and 2 Yugo class, refering to the Bayandor class Frigate as a Corvette, despite the fact that the same ships that are used by Thailand and are little different are refered to as Frigates, using the false term PB, including for the Sina class Corvette, and the false terms used for all Charak class ships, as the Charak class are based on a German design where a Logistical Support ship can be rapidly converted into an Amphibiuos Assault ship.
Once again wikimedia demonstrates it's ignorance of Iranian matters and is refusing to allow people to right their wrongs.
Peter Khan Zendran


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