Thursday, June 26, 2008

How's this for brown u fuckups?

These just happened recently.
Last week I lost my bus pass while doing business on thayer st. and had to have it replaced. This monday my friend Larry, aka "Shroomster" who has done some photography work with me and who is a musician and artist told me what happened to it. He informed me that Jose, who is a street vendor on thayer st. who sells jewellry in front of Store 24 and who was harassed by the brown pigs the week I was sentenced for beating up those 3 brown pigs, had spotted it in front of Store 24. When he went to grab it he spotted a brown maintenance staff grab it. He then confronted that brown employee, told him he knew me, and had him hand my pass over to him so he could return it to me. That brown employee complied and if you want to show some support if you're up on thayer st. give Jose some business, what an awesome amigo.
Today I was at brooks next to eastside marketplace looking for something to drink. As I was leaving former watson institute director barbara stallings walks past me, goes straight to the pharmacy section, and picks up what appears to be psychiatric medicine, judging by the label. Looks like what I pulled in April there is snowballing in my favor.
Peter Z


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