Thursday, June 12, 2008

Occurences during yesterday's Greenwich/NY trip

Yesterday I got a suprise when I arrived at the UN to deliver a report on human rights violations by the watson institute and brown university. The UN security knew who I was and I was directed to the american missiion to the UN. There I was met by someone from the mission who was a member of the state department's staff, who received my letter and said it would be investigated. Had I known this would have happened I would have made extra copies and delivered them to other UN missions.
By contrast I recieved warm welcomes in greenwich and Yonkers. I was offically welcomed back to Greenwich, CT by a member of the Board of Selectmen while stopping by Greenwich Town Hall to retrieve property records from when the Zendran family owned property and resided in Greenwich.
I also recieved an offical welcome from the City of Yonkers when I went there on family business to look up relatives. A meeting with the Historian of the City of Yonkers dragged on for over an hour and a half after we uncovered how the information the City of Yonkers, Immigration, and the Census bureau had on the Zendran family was wrong, as they had wrong names, dates of birth, family relations, names of family members, ethnicity, etc were wrong and contradictory, making this the second documented case where the government failed to properly document the information of an immigrant family to america.
As a result of the Yonkers visit I had to postpone plans to visit Lincoln Center, and I may be planning a future trip, especially after the welcome I recieved.
Peter Z


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