Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More oddness in RI affairs

Yesterday when at the beach I ran into the same staff from the bank who filed the bogus charges against me. Of all things they were in their business suits, and as soon as they saw me come near them they turned around and headed in the other direction. How's that for guilty mind? And as it turns out those fuckers are now expanding in providence, mystic, and in the boston area and still no legal assistance on my behalf to make them pay up all that is owed me.
Also some news from watson. From the news I have recieved from them more reshuffling has gone on. Tom Biersteker's back there as adjunct from the odd 2 year hhiatus, and occupying his old office which dick holbrooke, who is now on leave, just vacated. Poor old dr. Al-Soof is still there only because he can't find another place to go. And to really fuck things up an old colleague of mine died Friday, Marsha Posusney, and as a result of court order I can't attend her memorial and funeral. from now on if I meet a priest of any faith in RI who I don't know the nicest thing I will do to them is to tell them to go fuck themselves.
Peter Z


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