Saturday, August 23, 2008

Recent trouble for activists

I hope those who are alert have been paying attention to how the city of denver has converted an abandoned warehouse to hold people in the event of mass arrests at the dnc. Most people are not even aware that in colorado the Constitution has been suspended since the 1900's.
Also have any other activists than myself experienced online problems, including account trouble and slowness online?
On a personal note right now brown's pigs and administration have been backing off, only yacking on the radio or avoiding me whenever I walk by, looks like now they get it that if they mess with me they will get trouble. Even the WACRI is taking a tougher stance on brown. Recently a friend of mine from Harvard who is adjunct with brown informed me that it was richard holbrooke who made the crank complaint about me at watson and gave the brown pigs to use his office as an observation post. One less public figure you can't trust, holbrooke really is a dick.


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