Saturday, November 29, 2008

Zendran's work aped by 3 new books

Recently 3 books have come out which are either poor parallels or bad apings of my work.
The first is Mike Axworthy's "Empire of the Mind-A History of Iran". Like writing american history writing about Iranian history one must focus on the military aspect, which he spends half of his book doing, but with many errors, unlike my book "Iran; The Lion of War" where the correct info and indegenous info is used.
The second book, Gholam Reza Afkhani's bio on Mohammed Reza Shah simply rehashes info that has been put out there, including info I put out there, in a poor way and does not go into fine details like my and other peoples work has done. Oddly a former watson/brown colleague of mine, Ali Gheissari, is quoted giving a review on the book jacket.
The third one to watch out for is Robert Baer's "The Devil we Know" which is full of lies and half-truths in the corsi-beck style. In chapter 5 when discussing Iran's military strategy, much of it is based from articles I have written and presented in the usual half-assed manner people like corsi use to cover their real sources, and as usual does not give proper credit to his sources.
If you support my work send this around, send people links to my works, and order your copy of "Iran; The Lion of War" instead of weasting time and cash on halfwits like the 3 above.
Peter Khan Zendran


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