Friday, December 05, 2008

Who is Worth Saving?

Over the past few years I have tried to be optimistic about things. Living in the most oppressive nation in the world, america, where I dealt with with people who said they cared about making things better helped keep up this optimism, after all why shouldn’t I be optimistic wehndealing with people who want to do something positive. The events of 2008 have been an all too realistic reminder of the worst in america and humanity, as people allowed themselves to make changes for the worse, contradicting what they know to be right, making me question this optimism.

Politically, this is most obvious. In 2008 the people of america had a chance to make some changes for the good by either putting people into elected office or rising up against their corrupt government. Instead of taking this chance and acting on their pent up frustrations they instead helped to put in power candidates more corrupt and evil than those they had complained about, for the nigger who won the presidential election did it by more devious means than any candidate in history. The promises of change were pitched in a way to appeal to people in the same way hitler pitched his programs to the people of Germany, by appealing to their worst senses and confirming their worst vices, with the same effect of people falling hook, line and sinker for the nigger’s lies, for his change is a change for the worse. Then again, the people who welcome this change are not only the corporate leeches listed below but your average mass of thoughtless sheepole who think nothing of what really makes the World around them. The change will not include the elimination of homeland security, the patriot act, and other government acts that have turned America into a dystopia in which any punk with a badge will use that badge as an excuse to rob, shoot, beat, kill, maim, imprison, or deprive anyone of their rights. Nor should we forget that in the new administration everyone between the ages of 18-25 will be required to perform government service, and in doing this not only is bringing back the draft but slavery. Despite promising to fix the economy the only people who are benefitting are his federal reserve, goldman sachs, sidney austin, and other wall street cronies who financed the nigger’s campaign while american’s struggle with daily expenses. For members of his government some of the worst people who have exploited the human race in america and abroad are being chosen. And to make things worse dialogues with foreign leaders are being established, including with countries like Iran and Pakistan who are threatened with american aggression.

The case of Iran is most interesting. While Iran’s president sent his congratulations, as did many other world leaders with optimistic expectations of the nigger, Ahmadinejad sent his usual lecturing message along with his letter like the ones he has sent to bush in the past. While this may seem prudent to Ahmadinejad his letter is in fact naïve, sent to a person who will pretend to be welcoming while plotting the destruction of the very person he claims to be a friend of. Notice how the nigger’s backers include sidney and austin law firm, the same firm employed by reza and farah pahlavi in their plotting to reestablish their control over Iran, and their plans include collaborating with the mullahs in control of Iran. Four years ago it appeared they would not succeed. Today the Iranian community in Iran and abroad has largely shown itself to be as lazy as the cat called persian and largely unable to focus on real action. I should not have to repeat how most Iranians are unwilling to show up at anti-war demos where they are misrepresented, or overconcentrate on the issue of the name Persian Gulf but do next to nothing about being defamed elsewhere, or confuse political, legal, and cultural issues, but it bears repeating. One example of overfocus is on stories of abuse of women and children in Iran, you have people like jendeh ebadi and jendeh nazanian who repeat scripted accounts of dubious abuses, which make things worse for those suffering real abuse and ignoring the root of the problems. Much like America Iran’s population has issues with it’s government, but largely falls for the same spin their politicos tell them or are too lazy and apathetic to get involved in economic, military, and cultural affairs. Now that America is stepping up aggression in Pakistan, in addition to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Caucasus, all historic Iranian territory, people in Iran should care, but by their actions they are saying they do not.

The same is true around the World, be it in Asia, Europe, Africa, or Latin America. People in countries Worldwide are either blissfully ignorant, complicit, or too lazy to do something about the oppressive regimes which effect them daily. That leads to the question, who is worth saving? As harsh as the criteria may sound, the answer is those who are willing to take constructive action against those who oppress others. As it stands, there are too few people like that around. Most people fall for the very people who oppress them as history has demonstrated all too well, and once again the people of the World are allowing history to repeat itself. For those in America that constructive action means not getting involved with the criminal government that is oppressing people and ruining the live of people in America and the World, and to fight back by any means necessary and not shirk extreme measures to ensure one’s survival. The rest of the World, particularly non-English speaking cultures, has realized this, everyone else should to. Our survival and lives are ours to loose.


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