Sunday, January 25, 2009


So many in America over the past two months anticipated the date January 20, 2009 as one of change, what they forgot to consider was if that change would be one that was positive or negative. When that date arrived many in America behaved like many in Germany and England on September 1, 1939 and the immediate aftermath, ie the mainstream propaganda media overfocused on those excited people in Washington dc but did not focus on the mass of people who were either apathetic, hostile, or enthusiastic by coercion. Those latter three are why I am writing this, because why so many people are focused on the former the latter realize what is going on.
They realize that the nigger got to office by bland speeches full of nothing, allowing intimidation to further his campaign, and by making the usual promises, many of which turned out to be phony as we are seeing. Sure, an executive order was issued ordering the closing of the Guantanamo prison, but we must remember this; would it have happened if not for popular outrage?, will that order be rescinded?, and the fact that those people who will close Guantanamo are the same people who kept it operational and the status of the detainees is to be questioned. Sure, the administration is considering pulling out of Iraq, but what about Afghanistan, or the authorization of attacks against Pakistan which were recently carried out, or what about threats against Iran over Iran’s nuclear program, or other American covert/black ops going on around the World?
Let us not forget what goes on in America, where so many people pushed for change and lived wondering what kind of change would come. Judging how things are going it is a change for the worse, not only abroad but in America. Many of those people who voted the nigger into office now face loss of housing, lack of food, gas, utilities, public transportation, and everything else essential to an orderly life. Not to mention surveillance and encounters with american law enforcement agencies has increased, which many hoped would not happen but instead has and continues. In other words, the very nightmare society people hoped would go away with their historic vote is only growing.
If people in america are to be free from oppressive governments they must act for themselves, for nobody else can make them free. If they will not do this america and the World is in trouble.


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The world is in trouble because people like you live in it.

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