Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Here we go again with watson

I just checked the watson institute's website. Not only do they have a new layout but they are spewing the same old hypocrisy.
The first thing that jumps out is dave kennedy's challenge for human rights, despite the fact he was hired to perpetuate human rights violations and that continues to happen with brown and watson.
Second, dick holbrooke is sticking his nose into Chinese affairs, the same man who brought the 1999 Milosevic conflict and end of Yugoslavia through his dayton accords and who made the crank pig complaint on me in april 2008. Notice he issues this despite offically being on leave.
Third, notice chertoff and sachs in the new bjwa, where they would NOT be if I and other luminaries were still involved with watson.
Fourth, check out how barry posen gets the facts wrong as usual when spewing peace platitudes.
Fifth, notice how past dissidents like biersteker and lutz, along with zionist pigs like bartov, tannenwald, colla, keleherr are minimalized to draw attention away from watson's real intentions.
Sixth, notice the commie art display. This after brown and watson cracked down on activists. One thing they will not mention is the cpri is comprised mainly of provaceturs.
Most telling is Khrushchev's new link, judging by this he is seeing the light.
One last thing. The day after my "Zendran vs. the nigger" post I ended up chasing brown pig chief porter away from store 24 after he parked on the other side of the street outside his jurisdiction as I was talking to a friend of mine who is a street vendor. His behavior clearly demonstrated he knew he was in the wrong as he used an unmarked vehicle and left after I called him a fucking nigger in front of passers by. Coincidence?
Peter Z


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can understand your anger and frustration, but what is accomplished by employing racial insults?

3:06 PM  

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