Monday, April 13, 2009

Tracking shit u viewers

Recently I noticed people at shit u have been checking me out online as usual, and yes I have noticed them and yes I have watched back. It doesn't matter whether it is nigger brain hunter at 32 beaumont st in east providence, or chicken shit kennedy at 326 lloyd ave in providence, or fat fuckface enos at 11 milburn rd in east providence, or heebtards colla at 50 boylston in providence and tannenwald at 167 medway in providence, or lying cunt hanni at 47 nelson st in providence, you watch here, you are being watched. I mean, your life must suck to check out my blog and my sites outside of work. And don't think I know you are among those leaving anonymous harassing messages here and elsewhere for me. You watch me, I watch you, don't fuck with me.
Peter Z


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