Saturday, July 25, 2009

Open letter to reza pahlavi

Recently your people contacted me requesting me to support and connect with you. Here is my response.
You claim the title Shahanshah-e-Iran, yet what do you base this claim on? All other dynasties preceding the Pahlavi dynasty are still alive, as are those who have controlled parts of Iran e AnIran for millenia, be they the Safavid, Zahedi, Bakhtiar, Pakravan, Cherkassky, Zendran, Akkoyonlyu, Ghavam, Afshar, Farmanfarmian, Qajar and have stronger and more legitimate claims to dominance in Iran . You on the other hand calim to be the head of Iran ’s most recent dynasty and are of dubious origin, even as shahbanou farah admits in her memoirs.
For years you have claimed to work for freedom in Iran , yet what has been your labors and their results? Why did you not persuade Reagan, Thatcher, and other leaders of prominence to mont an invasion to remove dynasty when the means were available back in the 1980’s? Instead you idled away your time in greenwich , in manhattan, in texas, in virginia , in london , in cairo , and sometimes at the expense of others. To think my family was kind enough to help your family get settled in greenwich , had we known what a waste you would become we would have left you to your own devices. And what did you do about khomeini and his regime? While claiming to oppose it you in fact collaborated with it. You did this first in the dealings which transformed the Pahlavi foundation into the alavi foundation, which financed the very people you claimed to oppose. You collaborated with the cia, who’s other collaborators include not only khomeini but also rafsanjani, mousavi, and forouzandeh, who like you claim to act for freedom but practice the very human rights violations they claim to oppose. You collaborated with elements of america ’s government who want to invade Iran , which would destroy the very freedoms you claim to seek and support. You collaborated with business like golaman sachs and sidney austin, who provide the backdoor dealings for those government organizations. Not only have you done this but you have isolated yourself from the Iranian people and people of the World, something Reza Shah, Karim Khan Zand, Abbas-e-Bozorg would NEVER have done. You could have worked with people in Iran for their betterment, instead you have worked for yourself.
Let us compare you to other World Royals who have had their prestige and power restored. You have not had the courage of Juan Carlos, Norodom Sihanouk, or Tsar Simeon II to work with your people in their lands like they have done in theirs for the common good. You have lacked the moral courage of Mohammed Zahir Shah who refused to be an american puppet to return to his land. You have not behaved like Kaiser Otto and the Habsburgs, the Karageorgic’s, the Wittlesbachs, the Bourbons, and others who have worked for the common welfare and though their authority is not restored enjoy respect and prestige because unlike you they share the struggles of their peoples and work with and for them. Even aristocratic Iranian families have been more active and respected than you ever have been. You have behaved like the Hohenzollerns under the nazis, having others slave and suffer for you while you demand to profit from the fruits of others labors whether or not they are successful.
Now look at your behavior in 2009. This year, when spoiled and poorly educated Iranians who fell for the cia talab mousavi demonstrated and rioted, leaving our people in Iran and abroad vulnerable then you chose to act, after being idle for years. And what your actions based on, copying others, including myself. You have never participated in any demo in your life before, yet now after having lost touch with our people you come out spewing the same platitudes and lies which have brought our people suffering. Furthermore in your travels you have mimicked my own work and actions, right down to your lapel pins. Are you afraid you are losing power? Are you afraid to challenge the lies the cia talab in washington dc, amrika, and in the west acting under the false face of united for Iran when in fact their actions will leave Iran like Iraq and Afghanistan ? Are you afraid that for the past three decades you have NOT been a real leader, rather a pawn? Are you afraid you will be shown to be weak as we know you to be?

Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran


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