Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sent to group which threatens Iran's safety

Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 1:40 PM ( 1 min 30 secs ago )
From "Peter Khan Zendran"
To info@united4iran.org

Having read your site and your actions one can only come to the
conclusion that you are NOTHING but a bunch of liars a talab e
You claim you are acting for human rights in Iran, yet the results of
your actions will only make things worse for Iranians everywhere.
Contrary to what your sites say you ARE partisan, for if you peshi
succeed you will effect Iran for the worse in terms of stability.
People in Iran have more freedoms and rights than people in amrika, yet
you put out lies about this. You deal with those who fabricate likes
like jendeh ebadi, with talab e amrika like Iranian League for Defense
of Human Rights (LDDHI) and International Campaign for Human Rights in
Iran, and with 501c3 whore organizations like amnesty international and
human rights watch who have had marginal success and care only about
making money. Furthermore, your actions come at a time when Iranians in
amrika, ingland, and other western countries are subject to human rights
violations than those you claim go on inside Iran and when Iran remains
under threat of attack from israel and from amrika.
You do NOT speak for Iranians and certainly NOT for me.
Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran


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