Monday, January 04, 2010

Bandar Abbas images maligned on google/wiki

As some of you may know google/wiki updated the images for Bandar Abbas
on December 17, showing images that were taken on June 29, 2009. Within
days the wikifreaks did their damage, which can be seen on the link
Among their mistakes they identify the Jamaran FFG which is in drydock
incorrectly as "Alvand class Frigate" and the 2 Ghadir class SSK's and 2
Yugo class SSK's are listed as "Unidentifiable Midget Subs" among the
more glaring mistakes. Most notable is the fact that they have deleted
the tags showing the 2 Ghadir class SSK's which are about be launched,
which care visible next to the drydock, as those tags are originals of
mine which I put up there.
Once again, wikimedia is showing usual bias and information
Peter Khan Zendran


Blogger Debunka said...

Well congratulations Peter you got one right. The frigate in the drydock is the Jamaran.
But no-one can positively identify the "midget" subs in a sat pic of this resolution so "Unidentifiable Midget Subs" is clearly a correct term. And u really are seeing things when u say there are 2 Ghadir class "midgets" not SSK's about to be launched visible next to the drydock. Huh there are NONE there. Take your medication please, and have another look you dolt. LOL.

4:33 AM  

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