Monday, January 04, 2010

News they're not reporting about Iran

Some of you have heard 2 stories about Iran reported in the news, what you are NOT hearing is the full truth behind them.
In the story about Iran trying to acquire yellowcake from Kazakhstan people forget the following. Not only is that story not true, Kazakhstan is in a position to sell whole nuclear weapons to Iran, so why would Iran seek yellowcake when it could buy whole nuclear weapons from Kazakhstan? One reason for this would be to give a provocation to send an international presence to Iran in the Caspian region, where Iran has Oil interests and where amrika and the cfr are trying to balkanize Mazendaran and Gilan away from Iran which has been going on since the bush administration considered it. This leads into the second misreported story.
Some heard how rumors how mousavi and other so called oppostion leaders fled to those 2 caspian provinces when they did not. This has to do with the fact mentioned above that amrika/cfr are considering balkanizing Mazendaran and Gilan away from Iran, along with other parts of Iran. Iran has also increased it's military presence in that region and has a cheyene mountain style facility in Mount Damavand, which was put thyere with assistance from mousavi's fellow cia/american backed collaboprator/provacetur mohammed forouzandeh. One reason to kick this around is to increase Iran's presence in that region to either draw vital forces away from more strategic locations or to provoke further conflict.
Speaking of mousavi notice how fars news is hiding stories about mousavi's cousin who is in Iranian Air Force.
Peter Khan Zendran


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