Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Ruz oddness at brown

Last night I attended a naqqal performance of Bijan e Manizeh at brown, put on by professor iraj anvar, being invited there by the Iranian association of boston. Only a few people from boston were there, just a few people there I recognized out of a crowd of 30 odd people. The inglissi translation was not very precise and the Farsi performance was a newer edition. , and when I asked iraj about that he just got an attitude.
Worst of all was when leaving I noticed one of the brown pigs had parked his car at the watson istitute, which is next door. A few minutes later once I was on the trolley that same pig was driving around the block. And this after the providence police assured me that the brown pigs would leave me alone as I was invited legitimately.
As it turns out I am not the only one openly complaining about the brown pigs. Recently Episcopal Charities has been complaining about how the brown pigs have been harassing poor people going to the meal site at st. stephens, which is on george st but has brown buildings around it. When confronted by EC brown has suggested that they bus people to and from the meal site. Needless to say EC and many people are now NOT happy with brown.
Peter Z


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