Monday, March 22, 2010

Zendran case, Major life altering update

Recently I have learned that the lawyer who helped embezzle my fortune in the 1990's, f thomas lenihan has died, and the news was broken to me in a very unusual way.
On March 17, 2010 I was walking past his law office on my way to the train station around 5:40 PM when I noticed on his nameboard the dates 1939-2003 underneath his name, which had not been there when I walked by 3 1/2 hours earlier nor had they been up there at any point between that point in time and 2003. Thinking it was a St. Patricks day joke I checked with the RI Bar Association to find out if this was true. Upon checking I found he was not listed among RI lawyers and that he was dead, and this was confirmed by an article in the Westerly Sun here
Apparently his family and law firm had been keeping his name on the law firm and kept the impression he was alive. This false belief was perpetuated by the fact he is listed in West Legal directory
and on Attorneys listed
This comes at a time when the Courts have been contacting his firm on my behalf telling him to make all records on me available or they will subopena him and the records, after evidence of foul play has been revealed.
This is a major win for me, for even though I have not gained any money tommy lenihan is no longer in a position to do to me and others harm through the legal system. This man was and is one of the most hated men and lawyers in Westerly, RI, and the country who had done hundreds of people wrong. Now he and his firm are beginning to get theirs.
Peter Z


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