Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Concerns about censorship during gubenatorial campaign

On April 29, 2010 while at the RI state house I received an invitation
to a RI Gubernatorial debate about the mental health system which was to
take place on June 24 at 6PM at Butler Hospital’s ray conference
center and was sponsored by NAMI. When I went there on June 24 I found
the event had been cancelled at the last minute, which I found
suspicious as there was no public notice of this. A few days later I
received an invitation via e-mail to another such debate which is to
take place on July 28 at the RISD Museum’s Metcalf auditorium at
5:30PM. Upon receiving this invitation I looked it over and found some
things of concern.
1. This is being held at a place with no connection to the mental
health system, is difficult to find, has poor parking, and is awkwardly
cramped, thus restricting the number of people who could attend such an
2. Only 4 of the candidates are invited, with Moffit and Block not
attending, why this omission is anyone’s guess.
3. The invitation asks that people reserve in advance and that
questions they plan to ask to the candidates be submitted beforehand.
My concerns are that this is being done is to prevent the public from
presenting their issues freely and to censor the facts from the
candidates, some of whom have created problems for people who have dealt
with the mental health system. If anything this does not appear to be a
fair forum.


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