Thursday, July 29, 2010

Outcome of last night's governor's forum/debate

I was at last night's SOS governor's candidate forum on the Mental
Health system. It was good to see most of the candidates were allowed
to attend, and that people were able to find their way to the event.
I was suprised to notice the two leading candidates, Caprio and Chafee,
tended to be off focus during the event, while the other candidates
offered more creative answers. Despite the time constraints and some
well prepared questions no real curveball questions that would have put
the candidates on the spot were asked.
Recently when viewing the candidates websites which NAMI linked in their
notice I noticed something very attention getting. Today bill clinton
is in providence stumping for Caprio. While I have had issues with
Chafee over his connections to the clintons, including his brown
connections with the clintons and their associates, I certainly hope
Caprio is able to address issues concerning the clintons which other
candidates have not.
Also to my suprise I noticed the RISD security officer left seconds
after I made my early exit, the result of having left food in my freezer
for too long and not, unlike the snub I did wheholbrooke gave his speech
nearby in 2007, to disrespect anyone.
Peter Z


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