Saturday, September 25, 2010

Open letter to michael savage on Iran

For too long you have been making anti-Iranian rants on your radio show, you have incited people to attack Iran, celebrated whenever something bad has happened to Iran, and shown a complete ignorance of Iranian affairs, history, and culture. Worse, you are doing this at a time when Iran is being menaced by a potential attack from america or it’s zionist puppet israel, two allies who betrayed Iran in the 1970’s, and I and others are fed up with you bashing our heritage and culture. Here I will address the problem I and other Iranians have with your rants.
You continue to bash the nation of Iran, constantly referring to Ahmadinejad as “the hitler of Iran”, bashing Iran’s government, military, economy, and history. You have even said on your show that bombing Iran would make Iranians everywhere free. By you saying these you show you are an ignorant bigot who hides behind a radio studio and bloated PhD’s which were given to you in subjects NOT related to politics, military science, or the history and culture of Iran and the region. Rather, you spew the brainwash which was foistered on you in the public school system of new york city which ruined the minds of entire generations and created ignorance among such a large segment of america’s population that it was one factor in america’s decline and cultural degeneracy, not to mention the reason for people in authority who deprived many people from Iran and other parts of the World of their rights and the reason many suffered abuses at the hands of america’s government and society, particularly before the 1960’s. Had you put aside your bigotry you would have noticed that many allegations of human rights violations in Iran are based on heresay and lies, and that people under Ahmadinejad have more rights than they did under khomeini. You would have seen that the “green movement” was the creation of dick holbrooke and the council on foreign relations, the very people you claim to despise. You apparently don’t realize that the revolution on 1978-9 in Iran only succeeded because america and israel decided to back khomeini against Iran’s legitimate ruler, Mohammed Reza Shah, or do you forget how Iran had been kind to jews since the time of Daryush and had saved them many times, or that the first country to defeat George III’s England was Iran under Karim Khan Zand, five years before the conflict at Lexington and Concord, and that this action was just one in a line of betrayals by those countries. Then again, you don’t understand Farsi, for if you did you would know that Ahmadinejad said he would wipe Zionism of the map, NOT israel.
Which leads me to the second concern. You are an overt zionist, support israel right or wrong, and tout judaic values as if they are the greatest thing on earth. Not once do you mention Zoroaster, Zoroastrianism, or the fact that much of Judaism, including kashrut law, comes from Zoroasrianism, or are you afraid to acknowledge the Iranian roots of faiths like judaism, christianity, and islam? I bet you are too afraid to meet with Rabbi Dov Weiss, like I and Ahmadinejad have done on separate occasions. You would have probably cowered if you had been anywhere near the picket line I and Rabbi Weiss was and when confronting mort klein in October 2004, where Rabbi and klein had an excellent conversation on how the coming of the jewish messiah and the reemergence of the new israel will be a metaphysical one, not the physical one the zionists did, like you cower whenever a protest march comes anywhere near you like you have said on the air many times. Then again, you probably ignore facts like how herzl was censored for advocating pedophilia and making open threats to heads of state, or how the rothschilds treatd jews harshly on the yishuv settlements of Palestine, or how lord Rothschild persuaded balfour to act only once he knew Jerusalem was under british control in October 1917, or how the Zionists collaborated with the Rothschild grandson adolf hitler and other Nazis who hated jews because they were encouraged to by jews in German society to bring about the holocaust, which was essentially the massacre of jews by other jews for power control.. Then again you are probably proud of this, as you glorify zionist massacres of Palestinians and other civilians as acts of patriotism. You even ignore that Judaic values are the basis of the abuses and tortures among christians and muslims and that those values are the real rot of western civilization, NOT the foreigners you like to scapegoat on the air and in print.
Then again, what else can we expect from one as you? You who admit that you are afraid to debate your views with anyone in any forum except on your radio show where you repeatedly twist people’s words out of context. You who can’t understand that which does not conform to your own mindset and who labels the very same in a negative manner which only causes conflict. You who compare yourself to Paul Revere while behaving like Julius Streicher. How can we expect you to even understand anything about Iran when you can’t understand the World you live in? Know this mr. new york city jew that in the neighborhood you grew up in were many people of Iranian ancestry who had Muslim ancestors, including my grandfather who ran a lab and clinic in Mount Vernon near the Bronx and Yonkers, who was one of your doctors as a kid. Iranians like him who went through worse than you and your family helped bring you into the World, people like me are more than capable of bringing you out of it.


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