Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Who not to vote for in RI’s elections

If anything the elections in RI have quite a few candidates who are pieces of shit, and represent everything people hate about government. However, there are some that are worse than the rest.
The most obvious is that sodomite in the providence mayor’s office, sissyweenie. Not only has he run the city of providence into the ground, turning it into a hellhole of a powderkeg but when he was a state representative he came out as being gay only when confronted by accusations of molesting other men with his pals. Not to mention his brother is doing time for federal violations, serious ones. Now he’s running for congress. Folks, the last thing congress needs is another embarrassment like this.
Almost as bad is linc chafee. The former Warwick mayor and us senator is now running as an independent for RI governor. Though he comes across as a nice guy he has many crooked cronies who he associates with. Recently he appointed one of them to his campaign staff, former RI district court judge erickson. RI’s district court has in recent years degenerated into a circus and focus for discontent, which erickson has only made worse by ordering people brought before him to undergo court ordered psychiatric screening, putting a burden on the medical system by putting people into programs they don’t need and which only make them worse. A linc chafee administration is an accident waiting to happen.
Though it seems like john robitaille does not stand a chance of winning in the governor’s race one better hope he doesn’t. He is a former board member of bradley hospital, who initiated DNA identification of kids there, believing that people in treatment for mental illness have hereditary problems. Anyone who has ever read “the double helix” on how watson and crick “discovered” the structure of DNA will learn that it is one of the greatest flukes of science and all time. Those kids never asked to be treated in such an invasive way and the use of DNA identification has a strong potential to be used for discrimination.
While I mentioned cronies one crony of linc chafee’s from the hope club is running for RI attorney general, steve archimbault, who is nothing more than a mediocre political hack and a crony, the last thing anyone needs.
Just as intense is the mayor’s race in Providence, so intense that the campaign staff for constantino and taveras forget their manners, particularly when on the premises of section 8 housing, making one wonder if their bad behavior is the fault of the staff or the candidates.


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