Sunday, October 10, 2010

More RI candidate cronyism involving chafee

If anyone still doubts that chafee is a crony then check this link
Notice the hypocritical headline, for under sissyweenie’s administration providence has become an international laughingstock and a localized hellhole. Plus despite them mentioning creating jobs the godawful truth is that the people that get those jobs do not hold them for long, and those that do only keep them because of connections. As usual neither linc or greg say anything about this, and politeness ain’t the case, as sissyweenie was hosted by wacri at the hope club in June 2009 under similar circumstances as this link shows
Also if one reads the November 2006 projo article on the front page showing linc in his Newport, RI senate office with the headline “Anger at his own party” one will see there he discussed the possibility of his running for mayor of providence. Notice that despite the fact many of his supporters hate the providence mayor linc has not come out against him during his campaign.
If anyone wants another example of providence being a laughingstock look at the speaker for this event greg chafee hosted
Thanks to mike kennedy not only is the watson institute another hokey new world order think tank filled with zionists which few take seriously but brown university continues to lose more than $1,000,000,000 from it’s endowment.
Speaking of zionists notice how linc chafee recently has become a supporter of j street, an organization which has principles he worked against while in the senate
I wonder what his first cousin Queen Noor has to say about this. Of note the head for j street in RI is linc’s watson institute crony nina tannenwald, I’m curious what linc has to say about her.


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