Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dishing the facts on sissyweenie's Ri congressional run

Those voters in RI’s 1st congressional district who think that they are doing good by voting for the sodomite who is in the mayor’s office needs to think again. Anyone who takes a hard look at his past deeds will realize they are voting for someone as bad as the devil.
As a RI state representative he only came out as being gay after investigations and inquiries regarding reports of him raping other men. During this period he also tampered with evidence in the operation plunder dome trial. As a lawyer he often dropped the ball on many cases, most of his courtroom victories the result of backroom dealings and press manipulation rather than courtroom litigation.
As mayor sissyweenie took providence straight to hell in a handbasket. He hired a police chief with no experience as a street officer who implemented aggressive policing tactics, which only increased crime by often mistreating people, innocent or guilty, and thus turning the city into a powder keg. Amazingly he and those at city hall ignored the fact that crime went down in the last city this person was chief, Stamford CT, once he took the job in providence, and his “reforms” in Stamford were undone. The Providence Firefighters had it bad under sissyweenie, for not only would he not give them a contract but he cut funding to the fire department and withheld essential materials and information from them. For instance, he felt it was unnecessary for them to know if habitual prank 911 callers had infectious diseases like AIDS. He gave bloated salaries to city officials who often did nothing at work, for example most of the staff at the providence public library not only did nothing but used their jobs to snoop on their patrons. This rot in city hall led to businesses not wanting to do business in providence, and the only businesses that have thrived are those few with a large consumer base or those that are corrupt. An example is sissyweenie’s alma mater brown university. During his administration brown brought up real estate for commercial use, expanded it’s medical program to include legalized medical torture of people in experiments, while gutting it’s academics and using it’s police and security to harass their opponents, particularly the poor in the area.
The poor of providence suffered the most during sissyweenie’s administration. Not only did he subject them to repeated police harassment and job discrimination, but social services have suffered, be it soup kitchens, food pantries, and drop in centers closing down or cutting back services and many housing developments have shut down. Despite this sissyweenie claims to be a friend of the poor.
If this piece of human shit gets into congress things will get worse fast for RI and for America, and even members of sissyweenie’s own party realize this. Hopefully, he will be stopped in time.


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