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News regarding possible Iran-zionist conflict

I just received these today. Though this may seem like saber rattling consider that the zionists mentioned here are desperate people who might take as many people with them as possible. Remember a new generation of jews and israelis is coming of age which is sick of the zionist agenda and these zionists mentioned below know this. Consider also that Iran is being considered the culprit in Missile launches off California and New York, when the former was done by a Chinese Type 94 class SSBN, the latter by a Russian Project 941 class SSBN, and that any excuse is being looked for to attack Iran. Not to mention the usual gohenahang from Iranian dissident groups and their backers which only inflames a possible war.
Peter Khan Zendran

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 12:40 AM
From: "William O. Beeman"
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Subject: [kuriltai] Israeli War Plans: Report From a Recent Visitor to Israel

Subject: Israeli War Plans: Report From a Recent Visitor to Israel
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 16:51:44 -0500

I pass this along without making any claims to verify its accuracy. From a NYC-based Israeli source, who just returned from Tel Aviv, where he met with senior IDF and Likud figures, including Netanyahu. He is one of the Likud "princes" whose father was one of Menachim Begin's closest personal friends. He is very close with Benny Begin.

During a one week recent stay in Israel, he conferred with a military grouping that he is a part of. They are generally opposed to the Iran war adventure and have a very active position within the current IDF hierarchy. The incoming IDF chief of staff, Gen. Galant, is a very independent-minded soldier, with his own strong views on the folly of an Iran attack. He is no pacifist. He was in charge of the commando units that carried out the Gaza Flotilla operation. He also ran a 16-man commando operation into southern Lebanon, tageting Hezbollah sites, which went afoul. Hezbollah had the capacity to intercept transmissions from Israeli surveillance drones that were coordinating with the commando team, and Hezbollah was able to stage an ambush, that killed 16 members of the IDF team. While the incident was totally hushed up, there is a serious IDF internal probe underway into the failed mission. Despite these setbacks, Galant was made the new COS of the IDF.

There is a serious conflict between MOD Barak and the outgoing COS Ashkenazi, over the way that Barak handled his replacement, appointing Galant months before the February 2011 turnover. Now, the Knesset has shortened the wait time before a retired IDF general can enter politics, from three years to 18 months. Ashkenazi is already planning a challenge to Barak for the chairmanship of the Labor Party in the next election, and he will have a great deal of support in that effort.

Source had a meeting with Netanyahu, and came away concluding that he is completely irrational, and stubbornly refusing to listen to advice, even from Benny Begin. Netanyahu is aware of the weakened political position of Obama, after the Nov. 2 midterm elections, and he plans to take advantage of this weakness to launch a hit against Iran. He has solicited and won the backing of Sarcozy in this. Bibi had several private meetings with Sarcozy. Sarcozy has agreed to support Israel in an attack on Iran, and the recent Anglo-French military alliance, forged during Sarcozy's recent visit to London, could be part of this French support for the Israeli attack on Iran. Shades of Suez 1956? An Israeli-French-British entente? Sarcozy came to this arrangement with Netanyahu, in opposition to the European Union's war-avoidance plans, which involve an approach to Iran, offering lucrative economic deals, if they freeze their nuclear program and remove the pretext for military action. Germany has emerged as the leading channel for this approach to Iran, and Sarcozy, in part, is reacting against Merkel's role in this EU effort.

The Israelis, during the Bush period, developed and partially tested a new bunker-buster weapon, which my source described as a "semi-nuke." This was tested in the past in Nevada and in South Africa, but it still is in the final testing phases, even though approximately 100 of these bombs have already been produced. The concern is that the fallout is strictly contained, and this requires some further refining. At least one of the Iranian sites targeted by Israeli planners is close enough to the Iraq border, that they are deeply concerned that no fallout crosses into areas where there are American forces. F-22 fighter jets "loaned" to Israel by President Bush have now been taken back by Obama, and so the French will provide top of the line Mirage jets to Israel. The French are also providing mid-air refueling for the dozen planes (backed by 250 aircraft altogether) that will carry out the bombing raid.

U.S. intelligence is aware of this situation, and Gates is deeply concerned that the situation has slipped out of any U.S. controls, due to indecision by Obama. This is a factor in Gates' determination to leave the Administration before August 2011.

For Israeli war planners, the biggest fear in not whether the operation itself will succeed or fail. The biggest concern is what will happen the day after. It is already factored into the equation that there will be very strong reactions to such an Israeli attack. The stock markets around the globe will crash, and other chaos could result. Israel will be clearly blamed and even further ostracized for the attack.

Israel is well aware of the Iranian retaliatory capabilities through Hezbollah and Hamas. They know that Iranian support for both groups has tripled in recent months. The strike plan developed by Ashkenazi involves attacks on southern Lebanon and Gaza, as the planes take off for their targets inside Iran.

Israeli war planners are aware of, and are factoring in several other possibilities. First, there is a belief that Syria could make a military move to take back the Golan Heights as Israeli forces are focused on these other targets. There is also a possibility of a military coup in Egypt, to prevent the succession of President Mubarak's son Gamal. Egypt could move into certain areas of the Sinai still held by Israel.

Israel is also aware of the danger of Pakistani strikes against Israel, in retaliation for the bombing of Iran. A French delegation is in Pakistan, in an effort to derail any Pakistani retaliation against Israel, which, of course, could involve the use of nuclear weapons, which would wipe Israel off the map.

Netanyahu does not have the support of even the Begin faction of Likud for this action. And if the attack takes place after February, when Gen. Galant takes over as COS of the IDF, he will refuse. Source suggests that Netanyahu has significant respect for Bill and Hillary Clinton, and they could possibly dissuade him from taking this reckless action. There was last week an eight-and-a-half hour meeting between Bibi and Hillary, and when she came out she said, "We still don't see eye-to-eye." The prospect of some kind of political deal or shakeup in Israel, in which Kadima could come into a grand secular coalition and kill this crazy war scheme, is not very real. Source believes that Avigdor Lieberman has sufficient power to block any move to oust him. He is too powerful to dump. Benny Begin met with him at length to get him to tone down the rhetoric. He was not particularly successful. He has built up a tremendous power base among the one million-plus Russian emigre.

When might such an operation be launched? My source believes that, if it does not happen before December 10, it will next be on the table for March or April 2011. Netanyahu is considering, but has not finalized in his mind, to order strikes in late November 2010. All IDF vacations have been suspended as of this week; and IDF officers studying abroad have been summoned home temporarily. The line circulating around is: "No repeat of the Yom Kippur War when Israel was caught by surprise."


Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 1:05 PM
From: "Barry Chamish"
Subject: defeated

by Barry Chamish

Finally, perhaps as policy or maybe out of feelings of conscience or morality, Israel's military leaders are giving us clues to what to expect in the next war. This is a startling new reality if interpreted properly in any punctilious reading:

Outgoing military Intelligence Major General Amos Yadlin told the Knesset, "The next round won't be focused on one
theater but rather, will incorporate two or three," he said. "One cannot predict the future according to what happened during Operation
Cast Lead or the Second Lebanon War. It will be much bigger, much wider in scope, and with many more casualties."

Speaking at the International Conference on Fire and Combined Arms in an Urban Terrain in Zichron Ya’acov, IDF Chief-of-Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said that Israel will have to evacuate civilian populations during a future conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip or Hizbullah in Lebanon.

November 5, 2010: The head of Israeli military
intelligence warned his political superiors that the next major war
Israel encountered would likely result in much higher Israeli
casualties, especially to civilians (because) enemy missiles have a much longer reach, and can hit targets
throughout Israel. The Iranian master plan is for Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran to simultaneously fire as
many missiles and rockets into Israel as they can...If the Syrians used chemical warheads,
Israeli casualties could be as high as 16,000. Over 200,000 Israelis
would be left homeless, and it's believed about a 100,000 would seek
to leave the country...No unclassified government planning documents have
discussed what Israel would do in response to such an attack, but in
the past, Israel has threatened to use nukes against anyone who fired
chemical weapons at Israel (which does not have any chemical
weapons). But current plans appear to try and keep it non-nuclear for
as long as possible.

Israel commentator Emanuel Winston is panicking already:"They will target Israeli cities with a saturation missile attack. Therefore, Israel has no valid reason to follow any rules of retrained warfare...Consequently, Israel’s rules of engagement should first authorize preemptive attacks to hit all Arab/Muslim cities – including the small towns where Hezb’Allah has implanted missile launchers among their civilians, to strike every military base and, specifically, to take out key leaders hidden in their bunkers. This should be done with tactical nukes, air fuel bombs, sub-munition bomblets, EMP (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse) explosives that disable every computer-driven vehicle or gadget – in addition to every conventional weapon available. "

And well he should panic. What Israel's military leaders are now saying publicly is merely a hint, not the likely gruesome assessments for the actual Arab master plan going into effect. Summarized one would read:

The plan was to prevent Israel from getting organized by defeating it immediately in an assault of 80,000 missiles in one night. Israel has no defense against even one missile and would collapse quickly in the face of a torrent of rocket fire.
The attack began at 11 PM on a Friday night. Half the army was at home on Shabbat leaves, and in Tel Aviv thousands of young soldiers were in dance clubs. Tel Aviv was the city targeted with 10,000 missiles, many accurate to within a few meters. At 11:04 the missiles landed on the clubs. Dancing was exchanged for death in an instant. Sirens throughout the country alerted the citizenry of the attack but already it was too late for hundreds of victims. Missiles successfully struck the Reading and Hadera power plants and the coast went black. Attacks on the Paz Junction fuel depot caused a huge fireball that spread the flames through North Tel Aviv as far as Herzlia. Those trapped in rubble or fire had no one to extricate them. Even if rescue teams and ambulances could make it through the rutted streets, the searing heat, the encompassing darkness punctuated by the outlines of buildings engulfed in fire, it would have made no difference. Hospitals like Ichilov and Sheba were on their way to becoming gutted ruins.
In concert with Tel Aviv in deadly chaos, waves of missiles attacked airbases, especially Tel Nof and Nir David. Runways were unusable and crews were too overwhelmed to be effective. A combination of Russian surface to air missiles and deep bunkers would have made missions to neutralize the missile sites daunting in any case. With the Air Force barely functioning, the barrage was enjoying unforeseen freedom to continue with all its aims. Learning the lessons of the '06 war, the Israeli Navy was subjected to vicious land to sea missile attacks. Damage to the Dimona Nuclear Power Reactor threatens to become uncontrollable.
Jerusalem was barely targeted, but the destruction of the Knesset and the Israel Museum were deemed justifiable targets. The Dead Sea Scrolls are presumed to have charred beyond recognition in this attack of 70 pinpoint missiles.
Hizbullah and Hamas fifth columns in Israel carried out precise attacks on roads, blowing deep pits in them at locations which could not be bypassed. The army could not reach endangered villages. A 5000 man Hizbullah force has broken through to Metulla and is conducting door to door operations. Even the city's leftists who caused the growing tragedy by appeasing the Islam of permanent war, were not spared.
On the Judean Hills, settlers watched an orange glow on the horizon, interrupted only by missiles landing or gas pipes exploding. Tel Aviv was dying. Those Tel Avivans who could, escaped to the Negev where local tribes and Gazans, who poured into the desert looking for easy pickings, found them. At Hebron, an IDF radio plea to save the Jews there was most telling. "We need reinforcements. We're almost out of ammunition and we are surrounded by a hundred thousand Arabs." The reply was curt and distressing. "All roads are impassible. You're on your own."
What happened there is illustrative of the mass execution of Israelis throughout the new nation of Palestine. Gangs would barge into homes, keep the parents alive long enough to see their children raped, tortured and murdered. Then the husband would be forced to watch his wife slowly screaming in agony while mutilated and raped. The husband, who until recently had a slogan, "Never Again," now knows Never is back bigger and faster than ever. If he's lucky, he'll be kept alive for only and hour or two of violent Islamic justice.
As for God, He didn't show up. We assume He's out of miracles.


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