Friday, November 19, 2010

Rumors of Iran-Venezuela terror axis kicked around

I heard this whacko discuss this on michael savage's radio show. If
anything this is based on conjecture and is designed to inflame
anti-Iranian attitudes and to incite a war either in the Persain Gulf or
in Latin America. Furthermore, those un sanctions are biased and un
sanctions in general are selectively enforced.
Stakelbeck on Terror Show Exclusive: The Iran/Venezuela Axis

The latest episode of the Stakelbeck on Terror show is a special
30-minute expose of the growing Iran/Venezuela axis in our hemisphere.

Watch as former high-ranking State Department official Roger Noriega and
leading Iran expert Ilan Berman provide exclusive evidence that
Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez is providing heavy assistance to Iran
on virtually every level: militarily, economically and in the nuclear

We reveal how Iran is mining for uranium in Venezuela. We also feature
never-before seen-photos that show how Venezuela is working closely with
Iran's terrorist proxy, Hezbollah.

And we analyze how Hugo Chavez may be working on a nuclear weapons
program of his own--in our backyard—as the U.S. government fails to

You won't get this information anywhere else. Click on the viewer below
to watch.

Breakdown by segments:

- Top of the show: Venezuela helping Iran Get Around UN Sanctions

- Second segment: Iran mining for uranium in Venezuela. Chavez seeking
his own nuclear weapons program? (6:48 into the show)

- Third segment: Iran training Venezuela security forces? Plus,
Iran/Venezuela military and nuclear cooperation grows (11:43 into the

- Fourth segment: Exclusive aerials of covert Iranian military
installation in Venezuela. Plus, never-before-seen photos of Venezuelan
officials meeting with Hezbollah in Lebanon (17:14 into the show)

- Fifth segment: What, if anything, is the U.S. government doing about
this growing threat in our hemisphere? (23:31 into the show)


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