Sunday, April 10, 2011

My response to reza pahlavi's recent q&a

Recently reza pahlavi has made some statements in his Q&A which he published March 31 2011 which are nonsensical and show his true, scatterbrianed nature. For instance when asked about Ali-Reza’s fueral he dodges the issue asked by Seyed, namely why did he only attend a few memorials and not go out and meet more people, including those who knew Ali-Reza’s death was murder and not suicide.
Just as scatterbrianed is his response to Negin on the riots in North Africa, where reza pahlavi ignores that what happened in Egypt and Libya was the work of provaceturs, saying nothing for Mubarak, who did a lot for Iran and who was a close friend of the Pahlavis. That he could forget this shows he is either crazy or deliberatly insulting those who supported him and those close to him for years. Or he could be so caught up in his democracy trip, which is apparent in his answers about the green movement.
Notice in his responses he focuses too much on secular government and democracy, despite the fact that those calling for reform in that manner have been failures in government and in their lives, ie there is nobody to implement a democratic reform in Iran left. Notice he even acknoweledges that mousavi and karroubi are no longer an efective force in Iranian affairs, showing that he wants to take control of the “green movement” they helped spark. Now who will he copy next, for as usual reza pahlavi seems content to copy others rather than take decisive action himself.


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