Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Icke gets it wrong on Iran and color revolutions

Yesterday I finally found a copy of Icke’s book human race get off your knees the lion sleeps no more in an independent bookstore in cambridge. When I read pages 163-168 I noticed he had his facts wrong about the political upheavals in Iran since 1953, Ukraine’s orange revolution, and the cia backed uprising in Georgia that ousted Shevardnadze. Not only did he as usual publish the wrong facts about what happened with Mossadeq, but even more idiotic ignored news reports of dick holbrooke’s presence in Iran before the 2009 elections, or that holbrooke got his ideas for what to do in Iran from my series “Victimization of the Farsi, Arab, Turanian, and Central and Western Asian Peoples” which was a three article sereis I published with Icke from 2001-2003 and which I made a book in 2004. Icke even ignored that mousavi was manouvered into being khomeini’s prime minister by the cia, comitted some of the worst atrocities Iran experienced, and was not honest about the rigging in the 2009 elections, that he involved in it very much so. He also ignored the fact that Yuschenko was poisoned, and that was the cause of the riots that put him into power as part of the orange revolution. While Icke was right about the Georgian elections being rigged against Shevardnadze he ignored the reason behind it, so that america could station troops there. Icke needs to do his homework better.


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