Sunday, September 25, 2011

Open letter to patrick kennedy on Iran

Your statements in support of the mujhadeen e khalk, who have paid you to be their pet micktard, are nothing short of inflammatory and based on your ignorance of Iranian history and Culure. Having being kicked out of politics because of such ignorant behavior I thought you would have come to face reality, instead I wonder if you realize who’s money you are taking and just what you are getting into.
I wonder if you realize that the first mistake your family made in dealing with Iran happened when your uncle president kennedy got involved with savak chief Sephabod Teymour Bakhtiar in his ploting to overthrow Mohammed Reza Shah, even after Bakhtiar was removed as savak chief, directling threatening Iran’s sovereignity. I wonder that your uncle’s refusing to give money in American aid to Iran unless Mohammed Reza Shah implemented sweeping government reforms led to the rise of khomeini, for though Mohammed Reza Shah had intended to implement reforms, the way john f kennedy had him implement them only incited radical muslims, and starting a tradition among the American democratic party of screwing over Iran.
It is true many Iranians had planned to kill john f kennedy, but the cia beat us to it, and it is true that savak trained sirhan sirhan. It is also true that the Iranian community has had a hand in ruining the political career of your family, yourself included, because of the many slights we have received from members of your family, and we have done this because we know your dirty secrets. We know you only came out as being in treatment for depression to conceal your drug addiction. We know you take drugs because you are under the spell of others in the democratic party like madeline halfbright, hillary cunton and your uncle ted’s cronies. We know you and your uncle had constituents who arrived at your office to bring legitimate concerns to your attention arrested. We know that if people knew how your relatives really behave you would be chased out of the country.
Most importantly, we know you have consistently voted against Iran , be it in support of the war on terror or in support of sanctions. Why you have done this we do not know, but it has contributed to your downfall. Instead of learning from your mistakes you nave continued your mistake by becoming the paid micktard for the mujhadeen e khalq. I wonder if you are aware that the mujhadeen e khalq is responsible for many of the worst atrocities in Iran during the 1978-9 revolution, including bloody sunday. Or that they are responsible for some of the worst atrocities committed during the 1980-8 war with Iraq , where they served alongside saddam hussein’s forces. Were these people to have their way with Iran we would have a situation worse than the mullahs have created. Why do you back these suskimargi who will only create more chaos?
Then again I wonder if you are acting as a pawn in a greater plot. After all, you have consistently acted as a pitchman for the new world order while posing as a democrat. After all, those members of the democratic party who have advocated war have advanced in their positions of power in the American government, retaining them despite popular discontent. And I find it more than coincidental that some veterans with the organization that is preserving the USS John F Kennedy played a sick prank on me, accepting some turmeric from me after they told me they had health problems, then admitting that is was a prank, not realizing that the man who gave me the turmeric is an Imperial Iranian Air Force veteran who knew a late member of that organization. Were it not for such ignorance this item would not even be embargoed by your pals in the american government and it could have been used to keep your sister alive. Not to mention how the American government is repeatedly harassing Iranians who do not support invasion of Iran , something which will lead to global war and destruction.
I wonder what your sense of reality is. After all someone either on drugs or who is mentally weak can behave as incoherently as you. The only time I ever saw you act coherently was when you were running from me at that demonstration in August 2008. Then again, you pretty much run when people see you as you really are. I wonder if you ever truly have taken a look at the people around you and met with people before you made decisions that have ruined their lives. In terms of the Iranian community not once have you ever met with us, despite the fact that we are one of the most prominent communities in the boston and new england region.
My challenge to you is this. I dare you to meet with any member of the Iranian community in your area and explain to us your behaviors. I dare you to spend at least a day in our shoes off your drugs and controllers before you continue your behavior. Are you man enough to do this?


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