Saturday, September 10, 2011

Profitting from World economic problems, the british commonwealth

With all the focus on the economic problems in the EU, China, and America few people are asking who is benefiting from their problems, namely which countries. To this the answer which people are ignoring is the british commonwealth nations, most prominently the uk, Canada, and Australia.
In obtaining this answer one must look at the behavior of the paper and bullion currencies of those countries. While the Euro, Chinese Yuan, and American dollar have gone down in value, either deliberately or by outside control, the british pound and Canadian and Australian dollars have gone up in value. In terms of bullion coinage the british commonwealth has a major edge in international distribution.
While at present Worldwide Chinese Panda bullion coinage is the most popular bullion coinage in the World China’s main distributor, Pandaamerica, is very capricious in dealing with it’s customers, and as China lacks the global infrastructure to distribute the coins anywhere this is a problem. America has similar problems, especially with government agencies targeting people sending certain types of bullion outside of America, and both America and China have counterfeiting problems. The EU has a more complex problem there. The major bullion producing country in the EU’s Eurozone is Austria, with the Netherlands and France also producing bullion coins which are not as popular. The major problem again is a global distribution network. While the Scandinavian nations have an excellent Worldwide distribution network their policy of not allowing their products to be undersold prevents many countries from outside the EU from patronizing the Scandinavians distribution network. That leads us to the british commonwealth.
The largest distributor of bullion and precious metal coinage in the World is Downies of Australia. When Downies bought Murray Church’s Euro Collections International, which was the official distributor for the Mints of Austria and Poland, Downies expanded their influence. However instead of improving the business of the former ECI nations it hindered them. As Downies acts as the official foreign distributor for many foreign countries it is easy for them to impede the overseas trade of these countries, and many Central and Southern Asian, African, and Latin American countries who they have done business with, as well as EU countries.
By contrast not only have the uk, Canada, and Australia benefitted by Downies but so has the Perth Mint, which issues official and Bullion coinage for most other british commonwealth countries. Notice also how countries like Kazakhstan and Somalia who issue bullion coins which are not well known have seen losses because of this distribution network, how India and Malaysia have been discouraged from issuing their own Bullion coinage for this reason. Lastly, notice the Irish crisis, which was a topdown problem engineered by bankers with british commonwealth ties who wanted to discourage Scotland form accepting the Euro instead of the pound. When one follows the money around the World this is what one sees.


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