Saturday, February 11, 2012

The anti-Iranian nature of cpac

Recently the cpac convention is taking very aggressive stances against Iranians and non-christians in America.
Recently john bolton has been advocating for an attack on Iran, claiming that Iran is behind the Arab uprisings and making nonsense claims of human rights violations, and claiming that Iran should be attacked directly or indirectly by israel and Saudi Arabia, and at some of the conferences this talk is advocated. This means that the conservatives are betraying the Iranian community the same way the liberals did in 1977, and that we can trust neither left or right on the political spectrum but must depend on ourselves.
This is demonstrated in the conferences in which they claim multiculturalism is an attack on America and which imposing christian values on others is discussed. The imposition of alien values on others is what has created major problems in the Iranian community worldwide, yet when we stand up for our identity we are attacked. Few recognize the fact that imposing christian values on others has led to violence worldwide since Sassanian times, and that not being christian is still used to discriminate against others, especially in America. Few realize still that the same bigoted attitudes are being increasingly held by other religious groups, be it jewish, muslim, etc. and that once any religious group, be it christian, muslim, whatthefuckever, obtains any degree of prominence they begin to impose their values on others. Let us remember that Zarathustra taught us not to impose our ways on others, and the behavior of these religious groups is nothing short of inflammatory.


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