Saturday, September 28, 2013

Major watson weirdness update

I learned of these events while returning from the un, and their timing and speakers got my attention.
 The shatterzone event, which took place the day of the protest I called at the un, got my attention for it's timing as well as it's speaker and topic
The speaker is an excellent example of everything that is wrong with jews.  Since the mid 1990's bartov had been hanging out at the same places I would on providence's east side, including sitting next to me at the computers at the Rochambeau library.  He is one of the individuals responsible for spreading the rumor that I ama  self-hating polish jew, and he copies me in using the term "Habsburg Empire" to describe the Ausro-Hungarian Empire and other lands the Habsburgs ruled.  Essentially bartov's research had taken him into parts of the World where my family had lived, and where vital documents were either destroyed or vandalized, and he never achieved any prominence at watson/brown while I was there only after I left, which is one reason I have to take precautions when presenting any vital info on myself and my family.
Interestingly enough bartov appeared on a panel talk with hanan ashrawi
As I learned in April 2006 when dealing with her ashrawi, like other speakers, are elitist pawns who care neither about Palestine or israel, only what their backers want.  Interestingly enough ashrawi gave a talk before at brown
Notice this event, like the others here and in contradiction to similar past events, was NOT open to the public.  Clearly ashrawi's elitist controllers at shit u do not want people to know she is screwing the Palestinians over, as watson/brown have repeatedly made trouble for the Palestinians and those who deal with them, and ashrawi never addresses this.
Almost coincidentally my digicam went on the fritz as I was about to go out and photo/video the UFO's/strange weather that occur over the watson institute on the final friday of every September.  Just the latest in the series of strangeness that occurs on that date every year and which has been occurring which I have documented since 2006.


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