Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The rot that is the zobians and RI's armenians

Recently I have been on the receiving end of legal harassment and slander from berge zobian and his associates.  The main problem they have been causing is their false claim that I am prejudiced against Armenians, and that I have hurt their business.  The truth is that the problems started in April 2010 when berge invited me to an Armenian genocide event, under the pretext of trying to get me and leslie yeransian to reconcile.  However berge used his son levon to pick a fight with me, and I ended up beating up berge, levon, and 4 o their associates before the police broke up the fight.  No charges were pressed against me as the police knew that berge and levon were prejudiced against me as my father’s maternal grandfather served on the Ottoman army and his service included participation in the Armenian massacres, and that had they not invited me I never would have beat them up.  Their bad behavior continued as they used their association with leslie yeransian and her family to stalk me, including raising money for businesses which I had dealt with and slandering me to those businesses.  Additionally, levon used his position with the Armenian youth federation to slander me in Watertown, not realizing I have family, including Armenian relatives on my paternal grandfather’s side, who live in the area.
Despite their claims of being successful businessmen levon is seeking employment, while berge’s work with photography involves image manipulation.  His art gallery business has been unable to expand outside of providence, as his Newport location went under as many Artists, dealers, and collectors felt uncomfortable with berge’s shakedown tactics, as have many who have been to berge’s gallery z in providence, leaving berge to wallow in providence with the rest of the artistic poseurs.  Interestingly enough he claims to be from New York, yet he makes no open business or other associations there, probably aware that he is not welcome down there with the way he rolls, nor has he shown proof where he is from originally, content to spew lies and half-truths about himself and others, and complains everytime someone calls him out.
            He is just another example of how the Armenians of RI are little more than headlice, ie those who give Armenians a bad name.  Let’s take a look at some prominent Armenians in RI.  In the RI judiciary we have the hag bedrosian, appointed as chief of the state’s family court, someone who enjoy’s sentencing people to excessive jail time and fines, who replaces her predecessor fatso jeremiah, who not only did the same but did so to get kickbacks from the people who run facilities where kids are imprisoned and housed just so they could receive money to keep them in business, which was one major reason that RI dcyf was overburdened with cases.  Additionally judge jeremiah was in trouble for double dipping in pensions and has had to move because of threats from families ruined because of him.
Also politically prominent is snotty avedisian, who has invited businesses into Warwick during his tenure as mayor, yet these businesses have done next to nothing to increase employment, and warwick’s population has declined as a result.  Not to mention he has done nothing to improve RIPTA since becoming a board member.  This is mild compared to fellow area businessman and politico aram garabedian.  This crook has hired ex convicts to work at his businesses then when something happens automatically blames them whether it was their fault or not.  One reason the warwick mall, which he owns, was seriously damaged by flooding was the result of disgruntled employees who allowed the mall to get flooded as revenge for their comrades who were wrongly convicted because of garabedian.  Such behavior has helped to prevent a revival of his political career which went downhill after his loss to steve laffey in the 2002 Cranston mayoral election, and it must be said that garabedian had a good reputation as a people’s advocate before his 2002 loss.
Speaking of dirty Armenian businesses look no further than alex and ani, which hawks their third rate jewelry to people through aggressive advertising and cash pissing at public events.  Interestingly enough their headquarters is located in Cranston directly under where puke yeransian located his company firstcomp’s RI office from it’s Jefferson blvd location.  This is the same puke yeransian who is no longer welcome at regency plaza apartments for inciting passersby with inflammatory slurs, and who got his sister leslie a job at rising medical solutions, where she has used her position to stalk people via their medical records, as I can personally attest to.
Overall, these Armenians in RI represent the very worst of their kind.


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