Friday, November 29, 2013

Capricious privacy issues in rhode island

Recently two cases were held in the same day in ri superior court which involved privacy that contradicted each other.  The first involved a settlement google had to do in ri and in other states, where google had to remove cookies it placed in people's comupters, to inform people which computers had google cookies in them, to cease using those cookies to gather info on people without their consent, and to pay money in settlement.
Later that day ri art hustler berge zobian mentioned in a case regarding a restraining order that he has hidden cameras in the area where he has his business, needless to say he has no signs up notifying people in the area of his actions, that he collects saliva samples he finds on and around his business in order to obtain dna samples of people, that he obtained uncensored documents from the ri attorney general's office which contained people's medical info, and to top it off has minors working at his business.  This was of no concern to the courts.
This just shows how rotten rhode island's government has become.


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